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Respect our Priceless Mothers and sisters..

if you have time to impress a girl even you dont know her very much then why you couldn’t have time for make your mother/sister happy..Every stage in our lives we have close attachment with woman..Woman feels that she possess this world with heart-fully but demons in our ambiences quenching them by throwing them into dustbin,kitchen room n scaring zone..Im ashamed myself for being so vulnerable and even i don’t have guts stand against distasteful comments over our mothers/sisters..Roll rida’s arupu explained lucidly the pain/anguish of a woman facing in the world..literally,i can’t control my tears while watching this video..


Rupee should catchup indomitable spirit to stand against Dollar

You can hear sounds that makes us to usher from the bed, one is Bowls sound from the kitchen ,paper boy bell sound outside of the home continually..We dont have mood to wakeup early so hide in the blanket but mother’s chai smell kicks us out from the bed..After finishing of chai dad gives paper which he read thrly 2 times n there is no words remain in the paper to read again so he gives while he started off his regular habit..You definitely see two unbearable things on main page of paper one is cruel murder n Falling rupee agains dollar hits lowest of all time..i have no mood to explain about crime scenes but have interest to detail about depreciation of rupee with my bit of knowledge..There are so many factors altogether quenching the value of rupee..

1) Import and export..

if two things share same value of import and export business effect will very less on rupee but the things are not happening like that..Importing from our major business partners is increasing and exporting decreasing ..If you import a product from outside the country you pay them in dollar so exporting in good numbers to other countries we can easily pay them in dollars but exporting is business is dull results abating the value of rupee happening..

2)India major partner in business is US,if anything happening in US economy that reflects on indian economy

3) India most and high importing goods is crude oil so Increasing of crude prices year on year effected on rupee value

4) Government policies against foreign trade is so vulnerable consequences following rupee..cont

Torrential rains made people Doleful in God’s own country..

23 dams opened for the first time in the history of kerala..You can imagine how the torrential rains has hurled them into helpless plight…It takes min 3months to recovery to get normal life..cool and calm sinister storm clouds hitted down so fierce way result lost so many vulnerable souls n toll stands 210 as of now..threaten Water levels overwhelmed and annihilated rigid walls of well know dams n Tall vulnerable trees have been hitting grouds like how rain drops have fallen on earth.. poisonous snakes rambling in muddy water..Gov been Declaring National worst disasters in the history of india..Lush green lands became inundated,Beautiful landscapes been wiping out ,people scaring like hell but support physically and mentally across the world sending their prayers,money,wishes to rebuild the kerala finding enlivening attitude to fighting against all odds..cont

Hero in my Life..

Recalling my Boyhood days..Everyone has had one fav personality n likes him/her madly..we dont know exactly a point or a situation how they comes into our lives and we obsesses with him/her slowly n he/she became an addiction to us..why im telling all this bcs im a fan of one personality,who has been changing me mentally and physically through his indomitable spirit,stubborn attitude,inspiring speeches n his Patriotism n he will die for country if he get chance but his death should have a noble cause since long ago..The Name itself gives goosebumps to me.He is none other than Tollywood actor


Story yet to started when i was connected him n how he alter my life just with 3 hours movie named Kushi.. continue..

Days in Darkness..

yes..i want write my lonesome days,i do not have a worthwhile day in my life..everyday is a big question mark in my head..what should i do..my frnds are settling their life..marriage n cherishing moments happening in their life but me sitting a small uncleaned room with muddled thoughts..my heart beat making a sound of defeat n my mind been repeating heavy blows n follow your passion since years…parents love is blockading me to take bold steps..my comfort zone laughing like a hell by watching my destitute state..simply im hurling all my faults over god n Uncivilly,im blamming creator…Nincompoop by ambiguity in the Darkness.:(

Letter to my Brain

Dear Brain..

Im your slave since 28years 34 days 13hours,im here to say something that you couldn’t feel the pain of berefted,jobless,jerk,whacoo,ignoramus n aimless idiot..please consider me as your friend not your slave.its hurts me alot when everyone happy to sharing their thoughts n ideas but you are rambling somewhere in the middle of the forest.it kills me when everyone deceit themselves and enjoying their time with their beloved frnds and family but you are walking with unhappy through unclouded roads alone.is you not happy with me..?say yes or no,if yes,im in touch with you till my last breathe.if no,i dont deserve you either slave or friend,simply i kill myself..cont..part1

Voice still hangs in the air

Exhilaration..Poignancy…Tittivation..Stillness…all moods in one person’s voice..soft numbers to peppy tracks to romantic moods..Whatever the emotion n whatever the mood..Kishore da is always there..🙏Happy Birthday to Legend..:)Chalte Chalte Mere Yeh Geet Yaad Rakhna..😍

My Fav..

1) Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi..

2)Mere Sapno Ki Rani..

3)Khaike Paan Banaras Wala..

We miss Kishore da..🙏🙏